Cloud Pragmatics is an analysis and consulting company that focuses specifically on helping clients identify and implement cloud computing solutions.  While our specialty is implementing cloud computing strategies for high-performance computing applications, we can help a wide array of other cloud computing uses and implementations to achieve superior business outcomes.

What makes Cloud Pragmatics different?  We don’t believe that cloud computing is anything more than another tool in a company's IT strategy.  It's not a magic bullet. It's not an end-solution in itself.  It is nothing more than an evolving concept that has potential for cutting costs, improving delivery, improving quality of service and other potential benefits.  There are many requirements that would benefit from a cloud computing deployment and others that would be a terrible fit.  A great IT strategy is one that finds the right problems to put into a cloud infrastructure based on a full analysis of the application, user, security, availability, up-time, costs and contractual requirements.   The right deployment model (private, public, community, or hybrid) must then be selected based on these requirements and then a vendor must be selected that can meet these requirements.  We help customers identify the right solution, whether its traditional in-house IT or a cloud computing deployment, put together a plan to implement it and advise through the completion of the project.  Helping clients achieving superior business outcomes via cloud computing, if it’s appropriate.  That’s what we focus on and that’s what we deliver.

Our clients are in two distinct groups: 

  • End-users wanting to use, find, or build a cloud solution strategy for a single application or a broader strategy and plan to incorporate it across their entire IT landscape.
  • Vendors looking to offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, or Software-as-a-Service.  We help companies looking to build competitive offerings, target them to their customers’ needs at a competitive price.  From market analysis and architecting a solution all the way through solution readiness and sales training.