Cloud Pragmatics offers a wide range of assessment and consulting services for service providers in the area of solution viability/fit, target market assessment, sales readiness, architecture, competitive analysis and solution marketing/promotion.  Our deep subject matter expertise comes from our team of analysts that have decades of experience in bringing cloud and high-performance computing solutions to market.  From identifying new market needs, performing competitive analysis, architecting and pricing a solution, helping your sales force understand how to qualify the right opportunities and close new deals, our team brings solutions based on our experience of what works.   We can help with a new or existing Infrastructure-as-a-Service or an Application-as-a-Service offering to ensure it meets the target markets needs and is competitive as well.  Solutions include:

Cloud Maturity Assessment for a Service Provider

  • Audit the client’s business plan  and solution portfolio
    • Document the business requirements
    • Document the application requirements
    • Document the target market requirements
    • Competitive analysis
    • Document key personnel skill sets
    • Document infrastructure capabilities
    • Document IT processes and policies
    • Review target market contractual requirements
    • Perform gap analysis from the target market requirements to the solution offering
    • Identify strategies and potential solutions to fill the target market to solution set gaps
    • Generate a plan to
      • Leverage existing solution capabilities, personnel skills, processes and technologies
      • Close the identified gaps
        • New solution components
        • New applications
        • New and modified processes
        • New and modified policies
        • New contractual terms/conditions
        • New SLA’s
  • Scope costs and options

Service Business Planning

Service Design, Startup and Management

Target Market Assessment

Enterprise Architecture Development

  • Audit the solution requirements and target market needs
  • Construct architectural view of the ideal solution Document the capabilities, infrastructure, processes, applications, interactions and partners that fulfill the architectural and business requirements
  • Document gaps in the capabilities, processes, applications and partners in the enterprise architecture
  • Assess alternative solutions to the component technologies, processes and capabilities

Security Assessment

Disaster Recovery and Resilience

Application Scalability Assessment

Service Descriptions for HPC

Solution Architecture and Application Consulting

Contractual and SLA Consulting

Competitive Analysis

RFP consulting and management

Partner plan and ISV management

Reseller assessment and plan

Solution marketing and promotion

Sales Readiness

Sales Training